Fiction submissions are OPEN until 16th September 2018. Please read these guidelines carefully before submitting – they have recently changed.

Capricious publishes short speculative fiction and essays about speculative fiction and related topics. Read on for more details about what we’re looking for and how to submit.


We err towards the literary/experimental/slipstream side of speculative fiction, but appreciate a strong plot as much as anyone. We welcome stories told in second person, with unusual tenses, or other less common language choices

We actively welcome stories written by people from marginalised groups, and representations of characters from such groups.  We are very happy to publish stories using gender neutral pronouns.

Stories should be around 3000-5000 words (we’re flexible with works close to this range, but don’t send us flash or your latest novel).

Payment is a flat US$50 made by Paypal.

How to submit

No reprints or simultaneous submissions. Multiple submissions are welcome but please submit each work separately.

Please present your work in a clear, easy to read format and submit in .doc, .docx or .rtf format. Calibri or Times New Roman are preferable to Courier, but we won’t be basing any decisions on font unless you choose something truly ridiculous.

A cover letter isn’t required, but some basic autobiographical information or a link to your website would be appreciated. If you do write a cover letter you can address it to “Hi Andi”, “Dear Editor”, “Hey there”, “Dear Mx Buchanan” or some variant of the above.

Our response times are currently between one day and four weeks – please don’t read anything into how long it takes us to respond, it’s mostly just chance. In some cases we may hold your submission for further consideration; we will let you know if this is the case. If you haven’t heard from us after four weeks, feel free to query, but please do not submit to this address.

Please use our Submissions Form to submit your work. We appreciate it if you log your submission at Duotrope or The Grinder, and we’ll occasionally tweet submissions stats as well.