Happy Birthday Capricious

One year ago today, Capricious Issue 1 was released. On some levels, I knew what I was doing – on others, I had to work things out as I went along. I was nervous and full of self-doubt, and yet confident of the stories I was publishing, and the beautiful cover art.

One year later, here we are. One year, four issues, sixteen short stories, and well over 400 submissions later, here we are. So Happy Birthday Capricious, and thank you to all of you who helped make this happen.

hedgehog at birthday party

That first issue is still available for free download if you’d like to check it out. And Bogi Takács’ story from that issue will shortly be reprinted in Transcendent: the Year’s Best Transgender Speculative Fiction, a book I’m really looking forward to reading.

For the first year, small but steady has been the name of the game – and intentionally so. Even so, we were met with some wobbles (that time I tried to release an issue in the middle of an intensive coding bootcamp) and some surprises (themed issues had been a “maybe one day” plan, and then Issue 2 almost themed itself). Now things are running reasonable smoothly (I say, grabbing everything in the room made from dead tree), Year Two promises a bit more excitement. Phrases such as “special issue”, “crowd funding” and “purple hedgehogs” may be used.

The details are under wraps for now, but here are some things I can tell you:

  • Issue 5 will be released next month. It will include writing from Julia Warner, Jordan Taylor, Suzanne J. Willis, and Ian Kappos, and some stunning (seriously, I am tremendously excited about this) cover art by Laya Mutton Rogers.
  • We will be temporarily closing to submissions at the end of October, reopening in early 2017, so we don’t develop too much of a backlog. Right now we’re particularly looking for stories for our Strange Plants issue, so send us your… no actually, I’m not going to go down the plant puns route because that ended badly last time. Just send us speculative fiction involving plants! We love this stuff!
  • Watch this space around then for an announcement of our new project. There will be hedgehogs.

Thank you all again! It’s nice still being here.


A.C. Buchanan, Editor