Issue 5 out now! Also submission guidelines…

issue 5 coverWe’re pleased to announce the release of Capricious Issue 5. While technically an unthemed issue this time round, all the works speak to travel in some way, from a journey into the fairy tales of a young woman’s immigrant family’s past, to the impact of time dilation on those taking long journeys through space. This issue features fiction by Jordan Taylor, Julia Warner, and Suzanne J. Willis, along with non-fiction by Ian Kappos, and cover art by Laya Mutton Rogers.

As always, you can purchase the issue direct from this site in .mobi, .epub and .pdf formats. The mobi file will work fine on Kindles, but if you prefer to purchase from Amazon you can do that too.

In other news, our Gender Diverse Pronouns issue is now open for submissions! Check out the guidelines for more information. The issue is dependent on success of our crowdfunding campaign, so please keep sharing that around and consider backing us if you can.