Gender Diverse Pronouns issue – Table of Contents

We are delighted to announce the stories which will be included in our Gender Diverse Pronouns special issue, due to be released in October. These ten stories (all of which use gender diverse pronouns) are stories of love, fear, transformation, and the journeys we must sometimes take.  Stories of those whose gender changes, whose gender is undecided, whose gender does not exist, and whose gender is pivotal to their self. Stories set in our own world, in far-away galaxies, or in worlds of fairy tale and myth, and stories which introduce us to ghosts, mermaids, dragons, to strangers, to communities, and to ourselves.

  • Ad Astra per Aspera by Nino Cipri
  • Volatile Patterns by Bogi Takács
  • Island, Ocean by Lauren E. Mitchell
  • Sandals Full of Rainwater by A.E. Prevost
  • Phaser by Cameron Van Sant
  • Grow Green by Rem Wigmore
  • Walking the Wall of Papered Peaces by Penny Stirling
  • Incubus by Hazel Gold
  • The Thing with Feathers by SL Byrne
  • Glitter and Leaf Litter by Rae White

We will also be including some interviews and other related content in the issue – more details to come. Thank you to everyone who sent us work; we received more quality work than we could include, but are very pleased with the stories we ended up with – and we’re really looking forward to releasing this issue and giving you the opportunity to read them.