Artwork Submissions

Capricious occasionally purchases cover art.  As our funds are limited, we’re primarily expecting to license existing art, but we’re also interested in hearing from artists open to commissions.

We’re open to a range of styles, and hope all our covers will be very different, but broadly speaking we’re looking for covers that give a strong sense of the fantastic, the magical, the eerie and the other-worldly. We want bright and vibrant colours, and are more likely to be interested in land(sea/space/city/etc)scapes than character focused work, but we are open to both. We’re looking primarily for painted or digitally-painted work, but are happy to consider other media. We’re not looking for photo-manipulations or cartoon-style work.

If you are interested, please send an email to including some brief information about yourself and a link to examples of your work. If you are interested in us licensing an existing piece, please indicate which work is likely to be available. If you are from or reside in New Zealand, please also let us know as we have received some support from SpecFicNZ specifically directed at assisting us in acquiring work by New Zealand creators.

We won’t respond specifically to each email, but will keep your details on file and will contact you in the future if we wish to discuss further. Please note that as a quarterly publication we only have a need for a small number of pieces.

Payment is a flat fee of US$50, irrespective of whether we are licensing existing or commissioning new work.

We would love to include internal illustrations in the future, but unfortunately this is not possible at the moment nor do we have specific plans for when this might happen. To stay up to date with any future updates, please subscribe to our mailing list.