Issue 9: Gender Diverse Pronouns

cover of capricious issue 9 depicting a person sitting by a window holding a succulent in a glass jar“It was odd, being friends with one of the fae. Pronoun sets were the least of it, of course; Jeb even had human friends who rotated theirs, though not with the seasons, not as spring bloomed into summer mellowed into autumn crept slowly into winter’s sleep. This thing, the plants Jeb grew having odd properties and growing too fast, that had never happened before ey met Nederene. No one else seemed able to find the garden, either.”

– Rem Wigmore, Grow Green

These ten stories (all of which use gender diverse pronouns) are stories of love, fear, transformation, and the journeys we must sometimes take.  Stories of those whose gender changes, whose gender is undecided, whose gender does not exist, or whose gender is pivotal to their self. Stories set in our own world, in far-away galaxies, or in worlds of fairy tale and myth, and stories which introduce us to ghosts, merfolk, dragons, and aliens, to strangers, to communities, and to ourselves.

Featuring short fiction by Nino Cipri, ​Bogi Takács, Lauren E. Mitchell, A.E. Prevost, Cameron Van Sant, Rem Wigmore, Penny Stirling, Hazel GoldSL Byrne, and Rae White, edited by A.C. Buchanan, with cover art by Laya Rose.

Release date: 18th January 2018

ISBN-13: 978-1981817764
ISBN-10: 198181776X

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Issue 9 is the first Capricious Special Issue, published in both paperback and electronic formats.

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Electronic copies are available direct from this site in .epub, .mobi, and .pdf formats and from KindleKobo, and Nook.

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