Some stories from issues released more than three months ago are archived here and available to read for free. Enjoy!

Issue 10 – September 2018

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cover of capricious issue 9 depicting a person sitting by a window holding a succulent in a glass jarIssue 9 – January 2018

The Gender Diverse Pronouns Issue

  • “Ad Astra per Aspera” by Nino Cipri
  • “Volatile Patterns” by Bogi Takács
  • Island, Ocean” by Lauren E. Mitchell
  • Sandals Full of Rainwater” by A.E. Prevost
  • “Phaser” by Cameron Van Sant
  • Grow Green” by Rem Wigmore
  • “Walking the Wall of Papered Peaces” by Penny Stirling
  • Incubus” by Hazel Gold
  • “The Thing With Feathers” by SL Byrne
  • Glitter and Leaf Litter” by Rae White
  • Plus interviews with Lauren E. Mitchell, A.E. Prevost, Cameron Van Sant, SL Byrne, and Rae White

Cover art is by Laya Rose.

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issue 8 coverIssue 8 – December 2017

Cover art is by ForeverMuffin.

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issue 7 cover

Issue 7 – May 2017

  • “Firsborn” by Maria Haskins
  • “The Music of the Spheres” by B R Sanders
  • “Blush” by B Morris Allen
  • “Bad Dreams” by Anika Morshed
  • Plus interviews with Maria Haskins and B R Sanders

issue 6 cover

Issue 6 – January 2017

  • “The Young Republic” by Dan Grace
  • “Grave Weed” by Petra Kuppers
  • “Worldstrings” by Fredrick Obermeyer
  • “In Ishtar’s Garden” by Ingrid Garcia
  • Plus interviews with Dan Grace and Petra Kuppers

Cover art is a reproduction of the 92nd plate from Ernst Haeckel’s ‘Kunstformen der Natur’ (1904).

issue 5 coverIssue 5 – October 2016

  • “Deadmen’s Dreaming” by Suzanne J. Willis
  • “Time Chasms” by Julia Warner
  • “Confronting Something and Not Quite Knowing Yet What It Is” by Ian Kappos
  • “Märchen” by Jordan Taylor
  • Plus interviews with Julia Warner and Jordan Taylor

Cover art is by Laya Mutton Rogers.

Issue 4 CoverIssue 4 – July 2016

  • “The Retired Angel of Death” by Jamie Lackey
  • “Coffee, Love and Leaves” by Mari Ness
  • “Acquired Taste” by Chad Stroup
  • “The Dragon Lady’s Daughter” by Anya Ow
  • Plus interviews with Jamie Lackey and Anya Ow

Cover art is by Aun-Juli Riddle.

capricious issue 3 coverIssue 3 – April 2016

  • “The Rupture” by Malka Older
  • “Glittering; Guttering” by Crystal Lynn Hilbert
  • “Marie” by Lee Murray
  • “mejaime” by RJ Edwards
  • Plus interviews with Lee Murray and RJ Edwards

Cover art is by Vincent Konrad.

cover of Capricious issue 2Issue 2 – December 2015

Cover art is by Belinda Morris.

Issue 1 – September 2015Issue 1 cover

Cover art is by Anastasia (Mircha) Astasheva