Welcome to Capricious

We’re a magazine of speculative fiction, edited by A.C. Buchanan and based in Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand. We’re currently on a brief hiatus, but look forward to reopening for submissions in 2020.

We collect original, and often weird, writing in quarterly issues – some themed, some anything-goes. Want a taste of what we’re about? Check out our archive where you can read stories from previous issues for free.


Capricious Issue 9 – out now!


We’re delighted to announce the release of our first special issue. Capricious Issue 9 (Gender Diverse Pronouns) has been released into the world and is now available for purchase in both ebook and paperback formats. You can find full details and links at http://www.capricioussf.org/issue-9-gender-diverse-pronouns/. This issue features short stories by by Nino Cipri, ​Bogi Takács, Lauren E. Mitchell, A.E. Prevost, Cameron Van […]

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Issue 8 is here!


We’re delighted to announce the release of Issue 8. It includes three works of fiction, that will take you from Prague to the world of Faerie, that include themes as diverse as drones, brain implants, dreams, birds, love, and children.There’s also a – highly topical – essay, “This Fantastical World”, in which Joshua Phillip Johnson […]

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Gender Diverse Pronouns issue – Table of Contents


We are delighted to announce the stories which will be included in our Gender Diverse Pronouns special issue, due to be released in October. These ten stories (all of which use gender diverse pronouns) are stories of love, fear, transformation, and the journeys we must sometimes take.  Stories of those whose gender changes, whose gender […]

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Issue 5 out now! Also submission guidelines…


We’re pleased to announce the release of Capricious Issue 5. While technically an unthemed issue this time round, all the works speak to travel in some way, from a journey into the fairy tales of a young woman’s immigrant family’s past, to the impact of time dilation on those taking long journeys through space. This […]

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