What’s with all the hedgehogs?

Collins English Dictionary describes the origin of the word Capricious as follows:

C17: from French, from Italian capriccio a shiver, caprice, from capo head +riccio hedgehog, suggesting a convulsive shudder in which the hair stood on end like a hedgehog’s spines; meaning also influenced by Italian capra goat, by folk etymology.

The etymology is disputed, but either way it’s a great image and hedgehogs are cool.

Where can I buy Capricious?

Coming soon

What if I don’t have an e-reader?

If you don’t have an e-reader there are free apps available for Kindle and Kobo that allow you to read from your computer.

Alternatively you can wait until the issue is archived (see the next question for more).

Is there any way I can read Capricious for free?

Three months after the release date, the contents of each issue will be archived on this site and available to read for free for at least another 21 months – and more with the author’s agreement. We hope you will purchase the issues if possible – that’s how we pay our authors and other expenses – but we want the work we publish to have as wide an audience as possible.

The first issue of Capricious is available for free.

How do I submit to Capricious?

See our submissions page for details.

Do you publish poetry?

Not yet, but it’s something we’d like to do in the future. Sign up to our mailing list for an announcement if this changes.

We are very happy to consider work which sits on the boundary of prose poetry and fiction, provided it meets our other requirements.